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Appy Birthday!

Like I have stated many times before, cards for men are hard!

And this one for my friend Mark’s birthday was no exception.  I really scrambled last minute on this card but managed to get it done in time.  I was so stressed, I actually considered going to the card store and just buying one!!!  Glad I didn’t.

Here’s what I came up with:

I cut some 2” squares to resemble apps and then made one birthday app square (the yellow one with the hat).  The “18” is suppose to be the calendar app and the 18th was Mark’s birthday.  I know the “F” for the Facebook app isn’t the right font…trust me, I tried to find it!

Really liked the way this turned out and the birthday day boy enjoyed it as well.  Hurray for creations under the pressure!

I’ve been taking a social media class lately so I’ve had apps on the mind so this is a bit of a shout out to the class.  I can’t believe I forgot the Twitter app though!  That’s one of the easier ones to make!


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