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Cards for a Good Cause

At my work, there is a current campaign to collect donations for the Food Bank, a worthy cause.  

I’ve been very fortunate growing up, never having to use the Food Bank service.  My parents owned a restaurant so we never went hungry.  In school, I use to share my massive sandwiches with the school bully.  It’s how I survived 8th grade.

In my office, there’s been lots of 50-50 draws, raffle tickets and of course, bake sales!  Our floor held our own bake sale but I’m a terrible baker.  I just don’t have the patience.  Instead, I donated some cards for sale.  $5 each and all proceeds to the Food Bank.  I ended up selling 20 cards at $5 each so $100 went to the cause.

Here’s my set up:

Our first customer eyeing all the goodies:

The bake sale raised close to $400 so not bad.  I’m happy to have contributed!  

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hurray for Moms!  Today we celebrate them.

I’ll be celebrating by running a 10K race and then stuffing my gullet with dim sum.  Oh yeah, I’ll probably call my Moms too just to wish them a good day.

Here are a few Mom day cards that I created this year:

And this one for my sister, a mom-to-be (she calls her baby Peanut):

Baby #2 for Rach!

We celebrated my friend Rach’s upcoming baby #2 with brunch and a few presents.

I made her this card with small onsies cut from the New Arrival cart. The background is embossed with a Cuttlebug folder from the Wall Decor set.

The mom-to-be:

Cute little Hurley outfit:

Group shot:

Congrats Rach!  Can’t wait to meet the little guy!

Dad’s Birthday

I made this Asian themed card for my dad’s birthday.  The koi is from the Pagoda cartridge and then I used a Cuttlebug folder for the background.  

It’s kinda manly and nothing says happy birthday like a koi fish.

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

A purple cupcake themed card to celebrate Rebecca’s birthday:

I used a cupcake Cuttlebug folder, happy birthday sentiment and a black ribbon for embellishment.  Simple but cute.

A Farewell to George

I’ve been making a lot of pet sympathy cards lately…I don’t think Hallmark has cornered that market yet.

My friends recently lost their beloved cat, George.  He went suddenly and without warning.  They were devastated.  

I would say that next to man birthday cards, sympathy cards are equally as tough to make.  They should be simple, but still pretty.  It’s a time of sorrow and comfort.  I made this sympathy card for my friends as they mourned the death of George:

Truth be told, I snaked the design from a picture I saw on Pinterest.  I used 2 Cuttlebug folders for this card - Swiss dots (for the background) and a floral border.  Added a few stones for bling.  A simple card but effective to express sympathy.

A Welcome to Baby Julia!

My friends recently had a baby daughter named, Julia.

Baby cards a generally a breeze to make, especially for girls because you can make them girly and fun.  Here’s the card that I made for her:

The little lamb is from Create a Critter.  A cute lamb for a cute baby!

Appy Birthday!

Like I have stated many times before, cards for men are hard!

And this one for my friend Mark’s birthday was no exception.  I really scrambled last minute on this card but managed to get it done in time.  I was so stressed, I actually considered going to the card store and just buying one!!!  Glad I didn’t.

Here’s what I came up with:

I cut some 2” squares to resemble apps and then made one birthday app square (the yellow one with the hat).  The “18” is suppose to be the calendar app and the 18th was Mark’s birthday.  I know the “F” for the Facebook app isn’t the right font…trust me, I tried to find it!

Really liked the way this turned out and the birthday day boy enjoyed it as well.  Hurray for creations under the pressure!

I’ve been taking a social media class lately so I’ve had apps on the mind so this is a bit of a shout out to the class.  I can’t believe I forgot the Twitter app though!  That’s one of the easier ones to make!

Cara’s Bday

My friend Cara always has a themed birthday party every year.  This year’s theme - dead celebrities.

Here she is dressed like I Love Lucy:

I had a hard time coming up with a costume idea.  My DH hates dressing up but I thought of a pretty easy costume for hime - Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter.  He wouldn’t need much more than khaki shorts and shirt.  My sister suggested that I go as the crocodile but since the party’s theme was DEAD celebrities, I decided to go as the stingray that killed Steve Irwin.

But now I would need a stingray costume.  I trolled the Internet looking for ideas, called my super crafty friend Lorrie and asked for help.

I ended up buying a $10 fleece blanket from Walmart and Lorrie helped me sew it into this:

It only took about 3 hours and her living/dining room was covered in blue fluff!

Here we are in costumed glory:

I plan on recycling this costume for Halloween.  We put a lot of work into it!

Oh, and here’s bday card I made Cara (not stingray themed):

Poor Ginger

My brother-in-law is a ginger.  He recently posted this article about a ginger seal pup that was abandoned by his mom.  

I decided to make him a ginger seal birthday card:

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