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Simply Blue

Here are a few more holiday cards that I made with a blue/red theme:

Happy holidays to everyone!

Vintage Dove Punch

Wow, it’s almost Christmas.  This month has flown by.  Looking forward to having a few days off work and getting in some crafting time.

Last Christmas, my sister bought me the Vintage Dove punch by Martha Stewart. It’s a great punch…unfortunately, I had to wait a whole year before I could use it for any cards!

It’s a Man-ly Christmas

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that cards for men are extremely hard.  Now imagine coming up with a masculine Christmas card. 

I made this one unintentionally and when it was done, I thought ‘hot damn, that’s a fine card for a man’.  I think most Christmas cards are pretty gender neutral but I always like the challenge of creating cards that are a bit more on the masculine side.

The circles and font were cut with Doodlebug cartridge and the tree embossing is from a Cuttlebug Christmas set.

Inspired by Christmas Carols

Ah Christmas music - you can’t escape it anywhere this time of year.  It’s in the malls, restaurants, doctor’s office, etc.

I was inspired to do a few holiday cards based on Christmas songs this year.  Can you guess which ones?  







Holiday Card Season!

It’s December, which means holiday card season is upon us!  I received 2 cards this week already and I have sent out my cards as well.

Now that the my cards have gone out, I can start posting photos of them.

Here is a set of cards that I made with just one 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper, one 8x10 piece of green card stock and some black/white paper scraps.  

I was never a fan of that green.  I thought it was too dark to use but paired with the striped paper, it’s a great match!  I was able to make 5 cards all together.  I probably could have made more cards but I made a few mistake cuts on the striped paper.

Crafternoon 2011

The holiday season is just around the corner which means it’s time for Crafternoon - a gathering of crafy ladies to make cards and other things.

It usually just turns out to be a big food fest and few cards actually get made but it’s still a fun time and I get to share my toys with those less fortunate! 

Here’s a few shots from our Crafternoon.


Playing with supplies:

Cute creations:

Crafternoon - not just for cards making:

Navigating the Cricut - Baby and Adult sizes:

Snow Cute!

I wanted to try out my new Winter Frolic cart so I made this cute snowman Xmas card for my friend Linda and her family.  She just had a son and it will be his first Xmas.

Here’s a mini-review of Winter Frolic cart if you are interested in picking it up. Released in 2010, Winter Frolic was one of the new holiday carts for last year. I held out until this year to pick it up.  The cuts are very cute, however, the layering is just not great.  They have all the accessories on one layer.  

In the example below, I had to cut all the accessories like the earmuffs, scarf, etc a few times on several different colours of paper just so that they would be different colours.  It’s such a waste of paper and it’s painful.  I wish the layering was better. 

The border function is actually decent.  Some nice designs and they are simple, no small layers to deal with.  A nice holiday cart to add to the collection but I don’t think I’ll use it that often just because of the terrible layering function.

A Sneak Peek At Christmas

Christmas may seem still awhile away but the holiday season has a strange way of sneaking up on us.  One moment, we’re eating pumpkin pie and enjoying the fall colours, the next thing we see are Christmas lights on homes and tree displays set up at the stores and malls.

I started Christmas cards this week and hid inside to make them on perhaps one of the nicest fall days.  I’m a sadist like that.

Here’s a sneak peek at two cards that I made with many more to follow.  My aim is always to get my holiday cards out by early December, then at least they will have a chance of being displayed for most of the month before they get tossed into the recycling bin!

The Christmas ornament cut is actually from the Cuttlebug alphabet set. It’s suppose to be a tag but I thought it was a perfect ornament shape.  And since I used the Cuttlebug to cut the shape, I was free to use specialty paper like the glitter stuff without the worry that it would get wrinkled like when I try to put it through the Cricut.

Snow in April?

Yes, it’s April and yes, it snowed today.  Not a heavy snow, just a light fluttering of snowflakes.  Still it’s suppose to be spring. 

In honor of snow, I post these Xmas cards I made with a wintery snowflake theme.  I love the look of teal and black together.


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