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More Cuttlebug!

As you know, I am Cuttlebug obsessed and I literally have to stop myself from running out and buying any new folders that come out.  Here are the newest…although I may have to buy just this one:

It’s called Charles.  I love chevron!!!!

Anchors Aweigh…cute nautical theme!

School of Fish - okay, also very cute!

Wood Grain - Meh…not that exciting.

Happy Father’s Day!

A shout out to all the dads out there…this is your day! I have to admit, I kinda dropped the ball on the cards this year. The day kinda crept up on me and then I panicked and made something quick to get into the mail for my dads and I still think the cards will arrive late. Fail on my part.

Here’s the super simple card I made…it’s manly and says Dad!

I used my new Mr. Maverick Cuttlebug folder.  The ‘dad’ font was cut from Beyond Birthdays cartridge and the mustache is from Everyday Paper Dolls.  It was part of a mustache/beard combo so I just used scissors to cut the mustache free since I didn’t really have a need for the beard part.

Cuttlebug Obsessed!

I’ve been good about buying Cricut cartridges…in fact, I don’t think I’ve bought a new one in well over a year but I can’t help myself from acquiring more Cuttlebug folders.  I have a problem, I know…but I just can’t stop.

My most recent purchases:

Damask (set of 4):

Teresa Collins Timeless (set of four):

Skyward (set of four):

And I couldn’t resist this one, Mr. Maverick…mustaches and a mustache comb???  Too cute!

That ends the shopping spree for this round.  Must.control.self.

Simply Blue

Here are a few more holiday cards that I made with a blue/red theme:

Happy holidays to everyone!

Cricut Cruise

Two of my favourite things begin with the letter ‘C’ - Cricut and cruising.  So you can imagine my excitement when I first learned about a Cricut cruise!  A whole week at sea and I get to play with a Cricut?  Sounds like a good time to me.

Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get the timing right to go so I looked enviously at the photos of those who did go:

According to website Cruising with The Cricut, the next cruise is set for April 2012. I would love to go…I would even volunteer to wear the Cricut mascot outfit in 30 degrees of sweltering heat and dance around.  

The cruise is on Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas ship and I’ve been on it. 

Here’s my pic of it from 2007:

I’ve been on my fair of cruises…but none of them included a Cricut.  

Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas:

The Carnival Liberty:

The Emerald Princess:

The Carnival Victory:

I think the only photo missing from here is the Freedom of the Seas but only because I lost my camera on that trip.  Buggers.

As a seasoned cruiser, I guess it wouldn’t be that crazy of me to jump on that Cricut cruise in April. Believe me, I’m tempted.

It’s a Man-ly Christmas

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that cards for men are extremely hard.  Now imagine coming up with a masculine Christmas card. 

I made this one unintentionally and when it was done, I thought ‘hot damn, that’s a fine card for a man’.  I think most Christmas cards are pretty gender neutral but I always like the challenge of creating cards that are a bit more on the masculine side.

The circles and font were cut with Doodlebug cartridge and the tree embossing is from a Cuttlebug Christmas set.

Inspired by Christmas Carols

Ah Christmas music - you can’t escape it anywhere this time of year.  It’s in the malls, restaurants, doctor’s office, etc.

I was inspired to do a few holiday cards based on Christmas songs this year.  Can you guess which ones?  







Holiday Card Season!

It’s December, which means holiday card season is upon us!  I received 2 cards this week already and I have sent out my cards as well.

Now that the my cards have gone out, I can start posting photos of them.

Here is a set of cards that I made with just one 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper, one 8x10 piece of green card stock and some black/white paper scraps.  

I was never a fan of that green.  I thought it was too dark to use but paired with the striped paper, it’s a great match!  I was able to make 5 cards all together.  I probably could have made more cards but I made a few mistake cuts on the striped paper.

Crafternoon 2011

The holiday season is just around the corner which means it’s time for Crafternoon - a gathering of crafy ladies to make cards and other things.

It usually just turns out to be a big food fest and few cards actually get made but it’s still a fun time and I get to share my toys with those less fortunate! 

Here’s a few shots from our Crafternoon.


Playing with supplies:

Cute creations:

Crafternoon - not just for cards making:

Navigating the Cricut - Baby and Adult sizes:

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